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Le contact avec Maîtresse Balkis se fait par courrier mail. Maîtresse accepte les novices et donne sa réponse à tous les sujets à Paris


In these dark times of physical, mental and spiritual sloppiness, I have the joy to propose a new and unique area of work, centered around ”discipline".

First of all, I would like to notify the budding revolutionaries that discipline is not an obstacle to freedom. It is rather an antidote to slackness.

Discipline tames the sad disorder of physical urges, proposing a certain organization of mind and body.

All this implies to obey rules, scrupulously when they are explicit, cleverly when they are suggested.

Discipline provides strict protocols that will allow me to impose:

A perfect sanitary strictness

Personalized learning based on what needs to be corrected

A very high level of self-sacrifice, far from the naughty "pleasure".

Who’s not suited for discipline? Beginners, except some very rare cases. To the regulars who at Epicure's garden know only one path, leading to one flower, who cannot stop, watch nor learn. To those who seek physical contact.

The means I will use to print my lessons and tame some fires, may leave some marks. Furthermore, I am not looking for proud individuals who seek only pain for itself.

Finally, and I strictly insist on this point, this disciplinary proposal does not suit those who would choose this way out of spite.

On the other hand, discipline, as I dispense it, will suit those who consider their own will as an instrument, yet a clumsy one, a bow they must learn to stretch. To the artists of self-control who will be able to put their vulnerability at the service of my customs, my manners, and my rules.

To those eventually, who may have a great scheme in mind, which they will begin to fulfill under my watch.

To contact me, you must write a detailed e-mail where you introduce yourself.

I will accept fewer new pupils now, I will give priority to those who bring verifiable references.

I receive in a dedicated place located in the heart of old Paris.

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